About Us

We are Brand Consultant

Our Philosophy

Start Friday injecting personality to Brands, focusing on your customer, featuring great values from an emotional connection. Brand are complicated. They are emotional. They have a unique DNA that has to be studied to be understood. By using DNA Line© Treatment formulated by Start Friday team, various Branding cases have been managed properly.

You’re probably wondering about our company name. Start Friday, simple, our Company started on Friday and we love working on Friday. We believe Friday as special as it is the day when goodness was born. It is about belief, and we believe your Brand must have Superior DNA.


Build your brand where it lives: in the minds of its consumers.

Start Friday understands that brands don’t reside in products, services, logos, advertising, taglines, merchandises, organizations, but in one place and one place only, that is the minds of the consumers. Start Friday walks with you to develop, nurture, grow, establish and evolve your brand the way successful global and local players imprint their winning brands in the minds of their consumers.