Lovely Little Things Called Success in Branding

Lovely Little Things Called Success in Branding

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An increasingly business competition make almost all of companies and brands’ owners are required to follow it by relying on several kinds of branding strategies. Both companies and brands’ owners prefer to being more forward to do some branding strategies rather than being more forward in their quality of brand products. As a result, instead of competing to win, those new brands got less positive judgments from consumers because consumers think that they only being more forward to their image of brand product rather than the quality. So that, it makes consumers become less satisfactory.

Simple things but special because of its uniqueness so that it can bring to the big success become the right statement for this popular brand of biscuit in Indonesia, it is Khong Guan. Khong Guan as an old and legend brand that being more forward to the quality since the beginning has proven still got the big success even until now. Khong Guan greatly has these lovely little things called success in branding. Here’s the review.


  1. Quality

Khong Guan has proven as a brand that being really more forward to their quality of biscuit products even since 46 years ago. They think that quality is the main key to win the business competition. The successful business is from the satisfaction of consumers to the brand products. So that, it is very important to make consumers satisfy and keep loyal to but the brand products.

       2. Touching All Circle of People

If the brand is intended for all ages and all people, it is inevitable for Khong Guan to get many consumers because of that.

       3. Adequate Promotion

Though this brand is being more forward to the quality, but actually Khong Guan is still do some branding strategies. It is just they do the adequate promotion because they know that their brand been loved since the beginning.

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