Company Profile Making Service

Company Profile Making Service

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Company profile is an essential need of a company to introduce themselves and what they can offer to consumers. Therefore company profile must be made attractively to tickle people to try to get to know more about the company. There are things that can be made as the media for company profile. Company profile can be packed through video, interactive game, pamphlet, etc. As to its variety of company profile ‘packages’, many companies trust their company identity to be packaged by through the creativity of company profile making service.



Company profile indeed consists of all information about the company. However the content of a company profile must be considered according to the media. For example a company opening a booth in an exhibition is able to give brief description or information to people coming to the booth. Thus the right company profile media to give is a brochure. A brochure can be packed with more detailed information about the company which can’t be explained in the exhibition. People who have come to the booth and became interested can read the brochure they have received for more information.



Company profile in a video is usually used as the brief introduction about the company. The video is typically placed in the first page of company website and company’s social media. As its function as the brief introduction to people who have never been engaging with the company, video is only made in short duration. Video can be made based on storyboard such as telling a problem people face and introducing the service or product of the company as the solution to the problem. Video is also frequently used as a campaign media. For watching a video require more time than reading a poster, video must be made with an attractive content. One of the techniques to make an attractive content is inbound marketing.


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