Bunda Esti




Company Rebranding


Being the advanced baby spa networking in Indonesia by giving a touch of mothers’ sincerity based on Gross Motor Skills which is divided into: Massage, Flotation & Gym, Kids Salon and Baby Online Store.


About project

Bunda Esti is a company engaged in the field of baby spa physiotherapy that located in Purworejo and Kebumen. Bunda Esti is working together with Start Friday to create stronger characteristics of a brand by rebranding project. So with this project, it is expected to reach a wider market. There are three types of services in Bunda Esti, those are: Fisiotherapy massage, Flotation & Gym, and Kids Salon


So, how we did it

The whole rebranding process exactly conducted by Start Friday. We applied the method of brand DNA Line that is translated into some brand identities, such as: logo, outlet, website, catalogue, company profile, stationary, merchandise, social media, etc. Bunda Esti has 3 colours in its logo, those are blue which presenting the impression of caring and reliable. White represents the cleanliness and honesty. Also, yellow that represents the delightful service and warmth. By choosing those colours, we hope that those characters can be given by Bund Esti to all customers.


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Proposal
  • Marketing Tools
  • Stationery
  • Advertising
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Visual Design