Website Design & Development

Website design making that pays attention on UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) without regardless company’s identity reflection. It includes development or features/ menu addition. Our duty is to impress viewers who visit your website and deliver your Brand’s message.


Minimalist independent website making which specifically aims to introduce new product/ service of a company. We focus on making an interactive microsite with specific functionality.


Digital/ online commerce website making with complete features such as payment method, membership to promotion and auction setting. We do it based on your Brand’s needs.

Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Managing a Brand’s marketing strategy of product/ service by using social media platform.

SEO & Adword

Visibility persuasion process of a website or page by using search engine system (such as Google). We direct information seekers who are looking for related product/ service type to your website. It is undergone by Brand so many times to increase sales number.

CSR Socialization

Socialization/ introduction about Company Social Responsibility (CSR) program to public (social environment). The main idea is to show company’s social responsibility to the surroundings.