Graphic Design

Company Profile

Company’s product that contains of description which represents its identity from history, organization structure, vision and mission, performance to reputation. The company profile must be in line with Branding process and reflecting the message to Shareholders.

Annual Reports

Company’s product that contains of official annual report as the company responsibility to Shareholders. Things to consider in the making are theme, visual graphic design and description content. everything must conform to ARA.

Company Program Presentation

Program/ template used in presentation which represents visual identity of the company. We focus on verbal, visual and textual image so that they can be still attached to identity of the company.

Brochures & Flyers

Promotion tools that contain of brief and concise information about product/ service on paper, as media. We integrate basic elements such as competency, trust and authority that will evoke positive image about the Brand.


Promotion tool that contains of product/ service list in booklet or book format. Visual design and list layout are two important things we focus on to bring impressive perception in consumer’s mind when exploring the catalog.

Merchant Design

Design making applied to kiosk, booth, stall and counter in order to introduce and familiarize consumers with the Brand.


Design making for invitation card. Our designer’s creativity can create such a distinct design from others. It is part of touch point public relation.


Design making applied to office stationery such as notebook, pen, bag, envelope, name tag and name card. Brand implementation on stationery will give awareness effect in consumer’s mind about product existence.

Store Design

Design and layout making applied to store/ boutique using 3D method. Usually it is needed for interior and exterior work application.


Brand logo/ symbol design contains of message that needs to deliver. In making process, we focus on the aesthetics, Brand identity, positioning and message itself.