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Creating a viral website is necessary when a company has created a website and ready to launch itself in the internet marketing competition, the next step to do is to make the organization widely known by the internet user.


Through Google search engine, internet users were alleviated in search of products and services quickly. However, there are lots of organizations in the market offering similar products in line. This makes everyone hassled in competition to come up on the front page of Google search. Those who able to make a viral website would conquer market easily as people will see their products first. By that reason only, your company may need to know these tips of how to create a viral website.


Placing an Ad

One of the easiest thing you can do to make a viral website in Google is –by certain using Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads. It is plainly effective, but you’ll have to make a monthly payment to Google afterward. The prices are varies according to categories of the industry or the keyword chose by the company. For instance, keyword “insurance” that cost an average of $54.91/click and “attorney” which cost $47. 07/click. Quite an upscale for an ad, is it? The cost of electronic advertisement makes some company has taken an alternative in creating a viral website by using SEO.

The SEO for Creating A Viral Website

SEO is a short for Search Engine Optimization, which is a strategy used for website developers to upgrade the visibility level in order for Google to easily track down the website and rank it high on the search result. Generally, they will engage their blogs or websites with specific-categorized articles deriving unique keywords in it. A good SEO website will be able to gain high visibility which can directly affect its popularity on the internet.

Unlike online ad that will come out at the top search result, a website which employs SEO strategy relies on the “organic search” or the natural search result related to the article on the website. Google search engine has indeed selected the most relevant articles to show up first. Thus, it is vital to abide by how the search engine system work and carefully choose trending tags to rank up your articles. Furthermore, you may not lose the quality of your content, a useful high-quality content in the article will encourage readers to share that article widely and give positive reviews which will help to boost up your article popularity with its website altogether.


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